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Rugged Remote Control for Ezy-Lift™ Hydraulic Lifts.

Escondido, CA , USA (December 27, 2007) – Remtron a Cattron Group company, has adapted  Pump Boss II® radio remote control system to give the Ezy-Lift™ Hydraulic  Truck lift rugged all-weather wireless operation of their lifts. The company says the Pump Boss II is the ultimate in survivability and performance, known for reliability in almost any situation.

The Pump Boss II system employs Remtron’s PosiLink™ protocol to ensure secure control of your Ezy-Lift™. Designed and built to perform in tough construction environments, both transmitter and receiver are enclosed in IP 66/67 – compliant water-tight enclosures. A key feature of the Pump Boss II transmitter is the patented elastomeric keypad, ergonomically designed to provide easy operation with exceptional reliability over long periods of time.

In the case of signal loss, the Pump Boss II system also incorporates a fail-safe ‘Stop’ feature which drops all relays within five seconds. Remtron’s Auto Link™ feature allows the Pump Boss receiver to “learn” the frequency channel and address of a replacement or spare transmitter so that no equipment dismantling or physical configuration is needed. Other features include a transmitter weight of only 11 oz., an operating range up to 1000 feet (line-of-site), extended operation on standard AA batteries, easy installation and a standard one-year warranty. All Remtron brand products are built in the USA and backed by Cattron Group International’s top-rated service and support.


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